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Doing the Whole30 thing

Well I started this Monday and it’s been great although by today I’m already sick of eggs. because it’s been only 3 days I don’t feel any different and in fact I feel like I’m constipated.. so I don’t know, I’ve been drinking a lot of water but nothing…any way, see below my menu options for each day.

Day 1


2 Eggs Omelette with spinach and mushrooms + 3 chopped nuts  

Mid morning snack 

1 Kiwii


very thin grilled steak with salad (lettuce, tomatoes and a vinaigrette) 

Mid afternoon snack

1/2 a Cucumber with sea salt and lemon

Dinner after workout

1 banana

Tuna salad with tomatoes, onion and cilantro with lemon.

No pics because I was lazy.

Day 2


Eggs and Chorizo

Mid Morning Snack



Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushrooms + broccoli and carrots grilled with garlic

Mid afternoon snack

Half a cucumber


Carrots and tomatoes with lemon and salt

Day 3 in underway so I’ll post that tomorrow.


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